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More than 60 years of success.

When THE ENGLISH ACADEMY was founded in 1947, no one would have dared to imagine that this organization would become one of the most renowned language schools in Belgium.
The system which our language school introduced into Belgium  - language instruction given by native speakers - was very successful and therefore imitated by many.
Our collaborators work continuously towards perfecting our programs so we can offer our customers the quality that they have the right to expect.
Today, THE ENGLISH ACADEMY offers language training to companies all over Belgium, from Brugge to Arlon, and at our language centre in Brussels.

The list of people and companies that have placed their trust in our centres over the past 60 years is much too long to include here. We will therefore simply limit ourselves to a reference list of the most well-known companies that have remained our satisfied customers over the years.

Our teaching method

Our success is based on the principle that the best way to learn a foreign language is to speak it and hear it. We put together all the elements required to establish an active conversation between our teachers and students, adapted to their specific needs. In other words, we do not use the ‘traditional’ method based on a theoretical grammar explanations and a translation approach.

We offer personalised and interactive lessons, oriented towards using the language. With the exception of beginner levels, lessons are given entirely in the target language.
In this way, participants learn to think in the new language and quickly make use of appropriate idiomatic expressions. This approach, with real-time correction by our teachers, forms the basis of our method and is the key to our success.

Our teachers use our extended library of books, CD's and cassettes (audio and video) to enrich your study. We choose our materials by carefully taking into account your level and needs. After all, you are the central element in the language class: we're only satisfied if you are.

Our teachers

We have a team of native speakers who only teach their mother tongue. They are motivated linguists with a specialised university education. It is logical, for example, that an English class be given by an English or an American teacher and not by a Belgian. Importantly, a native speaker also provides you with a wealth of useful information on local cultural habits and business practices in their country.

Our specialised language instructors also have extensive experience teaching their language as a foreign language: this enables them to evaluate the progress of each participant and adapt the program as required. Their expertise and motivation sets us apart from other schools.
We provide ongoing support and constructive feedback to our staff to ensure that we meet your expectations.

In other words, our teachers meet your criteria: qualified, experienced and organised with the ability to help you quickly express yourself better in your target language.

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