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Free option: combined individual lessons and e-learning (for English only)
This language training with your teacher can be combined with a FREE supplementary online course that adresses all skills: reading, writing, listening, pronunciation and grammar, so considerably enhancing the result of your language course without extra costs.

Blended learning has two complementary components:

  • e-learning on an online platform via your computer
  • individual lessons with your native English speaker

If you follow a traditional language course, 60 to 70% of the lesson time is devoted to these activities:

  • explaining grammar rules
  • giving and correcting exercises
  • playing recordings, followed by comprehension questions
  • checking what the students studied and understand
  • correcting homework
  • formal and informal testing

E-learning automates these activities, so that the teacher can do what only a real teacher can do:

  • conversation training with instant correction
  • addressing individual questions and problems
  • monitoring your online activities
  • motivating you to continue (e-learning without a teacher has a very high dropout rate)

Additional advantages

  • The results of every activity are registered. That is why it is a great tool for employers to monitor employees’ progress and motivation.
  • Two hours of e-learning per week will triple the volume of your course, so reducing the overall rate of these private lessons to approximately € 15 per hour.
  • Our system is very user-friendly, even if your knowledge of computers or English is limited. You can start right away: you only need a computer, an internet connection and preferably a headset.

With our blended learning, you can practice speaking, reading, listening (audio and video), writing, grammar and you’re your pronunciation.
Here you can see a short demo of some of the online activities.

Remark: This e-learning option is only available for learning English. It comes in several levels, from elementary up to good intermediate (B1+) starting level of English.

For our more advanced learners of English (B2 – C2), we recommend a wide range of published materials, adapted to your specific needs. Contact us for more information.

We offer our blended learning in different formulas
combining e-learning with any of our other programs:

Students who register for our group lessons will be able to use the self-study version of this free e-learning platform.

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