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Individual language lessons in the comfort of your own home or office, anywhere, for only € 43 per week

Private lessons via Skype or telephone are a great way to practice your speaking skills with an experienced native speaker, wherever you are and whenever you want. You have a few intensive training sessions per week; ideal for someone who has no time to waste or who lives too far from our training centre.

These individual courses take place on the day and time of day of your choice. After your registration, we will appoint a teacher who is available for the timetable that you requested. After that, you can (re)schedule your lessons directly with your tutor.
The content of the course is flexible and the teacher can e-mail you documents and links, according to your interests and needs.
If required, we can also send you a printed coursebook. This is useful mainly for elementary levels.

A regular telephone is sufficient. It is the simplest and best known way to communicate with your teacher from a distance.
We will call you at the scheduled lesson time.
The price of the telephone call is included in our fee.

Skype has additional advantages:

  • it is free of charge (and therefore the best option for cross-border lessons)
  • it can be used hands free and is more reliable than similar systems
  • it has great sound quality with a headset
  • you can see your distant teacher thanks to his webcam, thus increasing interactivity
  • it allows the simultaneous use of the internet as a teaching tool (to mail texts, do blended learning exercises, show websites, check your writing, etc.)

You can download Skype for free. You only need a fast internet connection and an inexpensive headset that you can buy in your local computer shop or online. A webcam is not necessary, but recommended as it will allow your teacher to see you.

Do you have questions? Just call us at 02/734 8073 or better: Skype us.

Other languages available on request.

Our offer
One individual lesson per week for 4 or 8 months, for only 43 € per week.
Your personal tutor is always an experienced native speaker, so that you can practice and improve your speaking skills.
We will call you at your scheduled lesson time: no travel, no loss of your time.

Weekly private lessons for 4 or 8 months
One private lesson of 60 minutes per week*
4 months of private tuition: (15 lessons) = € 700
8 months of private tuition: (30 lessons) = € 1.300

VAT 21% not included
*More intensive timetable on request.

FREE BONUS for English learners
If you can spend more time working on your reading, writing, listening and grammar skills, we offer you an e-learning programme for English.

Combined with our distance learning, it creates a perfect blended learning course.
Just two hours per week of extra work will boost the efficiency of your course considerable, so lowering the overall rate of your private lessons to only 15 € per hour.

To reserve your place or to receive more information: 

call us at 02/734 80 73 or send us an email

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