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Are you an employer, an HR manager or a training manager?

As a manager, paying for a language course for your employees, you will naturally be asking yourself: "Are the participants making good progress? Are the teachers of the right standard? Are the lessons tailored to what we need?”
Our solutions for companies are set up in such a way that the answers to all these questions are a strong YES.

a. The course will focus on your objectives.
When considering language training for your company, you have certain needs in mind: negotiating, telephoning, writing e-mails, and other skills. You want optimum learning for optimum results.
All too often, language courses do not address corporate needs, but focus on non-business topics. At The English Academy, we first LISTEN to your professional requirements and offer you a made-to-measure solution, instead of imposing a standard course.

b. We test the starting level.
The online language test on our website gives us a good idea of the level and specific problem areas of each student. If required, this can be supplemented by a short oral test by phone or at your company.
We then compile an initial report so as to fully brief the designated teacher before they work with the student for the first time. Groups are quick to organise once we have these test results. 

c. You can determine the time of day, the intensity and the duration.
You decide on the time and the frequency of the lessons. They can take place at your office or at our language school.
The minimum duration is 20 hours for 
specific skills modules and 30 hours for all other courses.
For fully intensive training weeks, every day from 9 am to 6 pm, we offer you an efficient alternative: our intensive individual courses.

d. We select the right material.
We have syllabuses for every language and level from the leading publishers. Our teachers personalise these by adding texts, exercises and other course materials. For English training, we often have to cater for special needs. Thanks to our catalogue of business-oriented English course books from the ‘Cambridge University Press’, we can always provide the most appropriate support at standard retail prices.

e. The course content remains flexible .
Even though the teacher has a great deal of information about the students before they actually start (based on the test results and needs analysis form), lesson planning remains flexible enough to adapt to their changing needs as the course progresses.

f. Follow-up and final results.
You will be informed of your staff’s attendance and punctuality.
At the end of the course, you will receive a progress report giving you an overview of the course content, motivation, participation and progress, including recommendations for future training.

g. Student feedback.
At the mid- and end-points of each course, students are asked to fill out an evaluation form. It gives them the opportunity to comment on all aspects of their language course. You will be sent a copy of their feedback.

Don’t forget to check out our competitive offer for in-company training.

To find out more, call us at 02/734 80 73 or mail us at info@englishacademy.be

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