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Our intensive individual courses are guaranteed the fastest way to learn a language.

 Full immersion: Non-stop communication with your language instructor in his mother tongue, every day of the week. You speak, listen and think in your new language that you will make your own.

We have exceptional experience in teaching English and French in this accelerated way. It is a great opportunity for a very competitive price

One-week intensive course: 7 hours/day; 5 days/week*
1 week = € 1.650 (including lunch with the teacher in a local restaurant)
2 weeks = € 3.000
One-week semi-intensive course: 4 hours/day; 5 days/week
1 week = € 875 (mornings or afternoons)
2 weken = € 1.650
Prices include the teaching materials
VAT 21% not included
These prices are not applicable to specialised training programmes

* Alternative timetable: 1 intensive day/week during 5 consecutive weeks

Our offer:

·     Full or semi- intensive training
Choose between half day (morning or afternoon) or full day sessions from 9 am to 4 pm including a light lunch with your trainer. Make maximum progress in minimum time.

·     A dynamic and interactive approach
Full day training is taught by two teachers - one the morning and one in the afternoon –
to ensure you stay focused. Activities are varied and interesting.

·     A tailor-made solution, just for you
A pre-course evaluation & interview help us customize the course setup and content. The lessons can always be reoriented if needed, depending on your progress and requirements.                                                                       

Classes are held at the ENGLISH ACADEMY in Brussels. Other locations on request.
P.S.: Residential programme - This crash course can be combined with hotel accommodation.


To receive a personalised offer or more information on
the most efficient and fastest way to improve your language skills: 

Call us now at 02/734 80 73 or send us an email

You can also fill in a request for registration

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